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YellowRed is a digital Communications & Technology Lab for your business.

We are your Growth Partners who help turn products and services into effective Go-To-Market strategies.

Our Team are practitioners who can plan as well as activate your strategy efficiently across modern media channels.

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Our Services

Business and productivity

Marketing Strategy

Product Marketing

We partner with you to develop a comprehensive long-range as well as tactical marketing plans to grow your business across the media channels relevant for you.

We turn your innovative product into stories that people can relate to as well as develop a tailored Go-To-Market plan to bring the solution to customers.

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Digital Transformation

We analyze the trends impacting your business, such as AI, shift to digital, evolution of consumer behavior, and develop a plan to help you thrive in the new environment, instead of getting disrupted by it.

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Founder & Lead Growth Partner

  • Over a decade of Marketing, Product GTM and Business Strategy experience at the top technology companies.

  • Deep strategic thinker who developed long-term innovation campaigns for the largest enterprises in the world such as P&G, Nestle, Samsung and others.

  • Hands-on Growth practitioner who was in the trenches with companies such as Uber, Mindvalley, Amazon, Eruditus and others.

  • Multi-cultural fluency; at home in Asia/Singapore, with experience across the European (CEE, Spain, DACH) and North America markets.

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We are part of The Koshelyev Company Pte. Ltd. Doing Business As YellowRed